Our wish is for every woman to be able to see herself as beautiful.  Too often the busyness and stress of life can get in the way and women don't take time for themselves.  We are now offering a new type of photo session called Celebrate Beautiful.  Get your hair and makeup done, pick out a new outfit that you wouldn't normally wear (little black dress, heals, etc) and come in for a photoshoot.  Once you see yourself as we see you, we hope that you will feel beautiful and confident!  

We want to kick off our new photo session with a giveaway.  We all know a woman who is beautiful for a lot of different reasons.  Tell us about her.  What makes her beautiful?  Is it her heart for others?  Is it her humbleness and the love she shows behind the scenes?  Is she someone who has had a hard season and you want to treat her?  Think of who that might be and nominate her to win a Celebrate Beautiful photo session along with a hair style by April Lee of Studio 117 and makeup by Olyvia Stamp.  

All entries must be received by March 1st, 2020.  Winner will be announced March 8th!
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Photoshoot, hair style & makeup will take place in Fairfield, Illinois. 

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